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Info on Sat Receivers

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Info on Sat Receivers

  • I am considering a replacement HU in my 2004 Bose Equipped GMC pickup, one of the elements that I have included in my selection is a SXV200V1 tuner, the problem with that is you are tied to one receiver and the truck only gets used mainly as a RV toter and hauling around an off-road motorcycle. So in regard to time used it's minimal and XM subscriptions are to expensive to use parttime. So I am considering substituting the Sirius Starmate 8 Dock.

    My concern is if this type of Sat receiver will give decent sound. Of course it was suggested my an advisor to upgrade HU's in the other vehicles $$$ plus the fact that my wifes vehicle is a BMW that would require upgrades within the car to the tune of about $2,500 (not going to happen!)

    Any comments would be welcome.


  • The dock and play tuners (like the Starmate 8 you've referenced) can provide great sound quality if your stereo offers an auxiliary audio input. If the stereo does not offer an auxiliary audio input, you can use the FM transmitter offered by the Starmate but the signal would be FM quality at best.

    If you're going to replace the stock stereo, the aftermarket model will likely offer the aux input so you'll get the better sound quality. You can then add additional vehicle kits, home kits and/or portable powered speakers to utilize the Starmate 8 tuner in multiple locations while paying a single subscription.

    Hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?  

  • Thank you, Ryan. Appreciate the feedback. Do most aux input devices give a good sound? I recall discussion in the BMW forums that something was lost through that device in the model she drives.