xm direct 2

  • I am looking for a hardware driver to flash my audiovox interface adapter. mod# CNP2000UC  Can some one advise?
  • Hey slim, are you referring to the programming of the XM Direct 2 to the Audiovox adapter? If so, you can program the protocol at the following web URL: www.audiovox.com/xmdirect

  • i've downloaded the driver and installed it on my computer. everything works fine till you get to the part where you "run firmware loader" it will not retrieve the firmware. is there any place else i can get the firmware?
  • RacerDre:
    is there any place else i can get the firmware?


    Not that I'm aware of. I suggest contacting Audiovox directly. Their phone number is: 800-645-4994

  • Thought I would post this to help anyone with the CNP2000UC when trying to run FIRMWARE LOADER on XM DIRECT 2 or Direct.  If you can't click the RUN FIRMWARE, then you are using the wrong browser.  After an hour or so I figured out I couldn't do it on my Windows 7 PC.  Tried XP with no luck.  Had to use:


    Windows XP Pro

    Internet Explorer


    Can't load with any other browser.  I was using Firefox.  I hope this helps!!