Alpine CDA-9857 Head Unit and Alpine KCA-SC100 Ai-Net Adapter - Sirius not appearing as a source?

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Alpine CDA-9857 Head Unit and Alpine KCA-SC100 Ai-Net Adapter - Sirius not appearing as a source?

  • I'm using an Alpine CDA-9857 Head Unit, an Alpine KCA-SC100 Ai-Net Adapter and a Sirius SC-C1 tuner and I'm having the following problems:

    1) When I turn on my car, and my head unit has any non-Sirius source selected, when i toggle through the sources Sirius does not appear as an option. If I turn off the head unit, and turn it back on, then Sirius appears as a source when I toggle through the sources and it works fine.

    2) If I turn on my car with Sirius already selected as the source on my head unit (that was the last thing I was listening to when i turned my car off), I get the "LOADING" message and it never comes on until I turn my head unit off and on again.

    This seems to be common problem and I haven't heard of a solution yet.  Heres some more posts/info on this issue and about the KCA-SC100 in general.

    Same Problem:
    Same problem: - Maybe a ground problem??
    General Info:

    Anyone have any ideas?
  • I spoke to one of our tech representatives at Alpine and he said this is a common issue that is easily correctable.

    Once you have the equipment properly connected (and it sounds like you do) you need to reset the head unit. On the CDA-9857 this is done by pressing the small reset button behind the detachable face. This button is recessed so you will need a ball point pen or paper clip to depress it. The receiver should “re-boot” and recognize the newly connected hardware. You should then have access to the Sirius source whenever the receiver is powered on. Keep in mind, resetting your receiver will return it to the factory default settings and erase your custom adjustments and radio presets.

    I hope that helps.

    Please come back and let us know if this corrects the problem for you.


  • I had the same issue with my 9886, and returned it to alpine, I am waiting for a new unit from them, It is backordered untill mid feb.
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  • Thank you for the information.  I have read about this approach in the SIRIUS forum I linked above, but it did not have any effect on my issue, and didn't help other people who are experiencing this issue.  I have tried resetting my head unit multiple times (using the red button), but I still have trouble having SIRIUS appear as a source, and it still says "loading" forever, when I turn on my car and the SIRIUS was on when I turned it off.

    Anyone have any other ideas? I'll try anything at this point :(

  • All

    I have returned my KCA-SC100 to Alpine after it completly failed and I lost Sirius radio capablity. I am using a realatively new Alpine CDA 9883.

    The reset button is not a fix for this problem no more than turning the head unit on and off was. It is only a temporary fix and inabilty to select Sirius will return.

     Alpine customer support told me this is an on going issue with the KCA-SC100 and they are fixing with an upgrdade and will send me a new when upgrade is completed.

     However, as stated above, there is at ;east a one month back log on KCA-SC100.

    KCA-SC100 was/is not ready for prime time. So I am paying for a Sirius subscription and no Sirius Radio for probably at least 3 months form start to mabye the finish.


  • Anyone have an update on this?  Has Alpine started sending out updated units yet?
  • Well, I'm sorry that the "reset" option did not provide the result as promised. It appears that pjsslo has the scoop directly from Alpine. If you want to hear it for yourself, you can contact Alpine's Customer Support hotline @ 1.800.257.4631.

    I will try to contact our Alpine tech and see if I can get any additional info, but it appears that this is a widespread issue with no "quick fix" at this time. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you.

  • I spoke with one of our tech representatives at Alpine and while he did concede that there was a problem with the initial rollout of the KCA-SC100 adapters, the problem has been fixed and any newly purchased adapters should not have this problem. If you’re having problems with your KCA-SC100, he recommended contacting Alpine Customer Service department by calling 1.800.421.2284 to set up a warranty repair/replacement.

    Because the adapter itself is less than a year old, any defective units should all be covered by Alpine’s 1 year warranty on both parts and labor. (This only applies if you purchased the equipment from an authorized retailer). Alpine may require a copy of your purchase receipt to qualify for warranty repair/replacement. If you purchased the adapter from Crutchfield, and you no longer have your invoice/receipt, you can request a duplicate by calling our customer service department @ 1.800.955.9091.

    The tech could not comment on the turnaround time, but promised that all defective units will be repaired/replaced.

    I hope that helps.

  • To All From PJSSLO

     As you know from my experience posted above that I had the problem with KCA-SC100 causing Sirius not being selected and then finally Sirius went out alltogether.

    Alpine did ship me a replacement KCA-SC100 in the first week of February. This turn around seemed fast since the week before they told me that there was at least a 30 day back order time so I was suspicious about this being a fixed/upgraded unit.

    I had it installed at Best Buy lasyt Monday (11 Feb) and my Sirius was back working.

    However, the unit failed after one day. Same problem with not being able to select Sirius after shutting off the radio and restarting. Then it went out completely, again!!

    I spent a long time on the phone with Alpine Tech reps and they could not even find record of me in their database/system. I gave them all their shipping info and my customer number etc but no record they said of me. 

    My question was is the replacement KCA-Sc100 an upgraded/fixed version. I gave them the serial number and the guy told me he could not tell from the serial number. Scary!!

    I did talk to the supervisor for tech support/quality. He also could not find any record of me. I asked him also if he could tell me what version my repacement was by the serial number. He  took all my info and said he would track it down and call me back. He was friendly and helpful. I have not heard back from him since last Thursday.

    I really don't want to go through the hassle of another trip to Best Buy to have the new bad one taken out and sent back to Alpine and then get another one back and another trip to Best Buy to reinstall again if this probel is not fixed. Etc. Etc.

    This is most frustrating!! I am considering cancelling my Sirius and getting XM installed, I am also going to call Sirius to inform them of the problem with their Alpine made products.



  • I fixed my problem it was the sirius sc-c1, as soon as i replaced it all of the problems went away!!!!!
    2007 Chevy Express Diesel Van Alpine CDA-9886 HU - KCA-SC100 Sirius - USB Drive - 80Gb Ipod Kenwood KAC-859 Amp Alpine SPR-17S 6.5 - front Polk DB460 - rear (off HU) 2-Soundstream SPL-10 DVC 4 ohm subs in sealed box (10 years old!)
  • After a few visits to my local stereo shop and replacing every piece of Alpine equipment we realized something. My Subaru WRX power line for the stock indash shuts off at the ignition stage (as most cars do). For some reason that gives the Alpine Sirius unit an aneurism, locking out the stereo as described on the initial posting. When they wired the INDASH ( iDA-X100 ) to a TRUE IGNITION point the problem went away. True ignition meaning the power doesn't shut off when you are starting the car. 

    On a side note: When I was having all these problems for months, powering off the unit BEFORE I shut off the car cured the problem too. However, when I would forget I was back to no sound and no sirius. I would have to reset the unit by disconnecting the battery for 20 seconds and everything would come back. 

     So at the end of it all I can now shut my car off without any problems thanks to the guys at Woody's Car Audio!

     Alpine  iDA-X100 : Sirius SC-C1 : Alpine KCA-SC100 : Alpine PXA-H100 Imprint Audio Processor : Amps and speakers are not Alpine


  • Just curious what a true ignition wire would be to you.

    The reason I ask is b/c I was experimenting previously with my HU to see if I could bypass the USB read times.  I have a switch so that I can power my unit from either the red wire (ignition on) or the Yellow Wire (constant).

    I had the yellow wire powering it and it still stopped playing when I started the car and then resumed playback again.

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • I have the exact same setup in my BMW. I know you installed this two years ago--I just did it this year.


    I am sending my Alpine Unit back to Alpine to get it refurbished. I'm not the most adept car audio guy--how can i change the radio to be powered on using in-dash?



  • He is referring to just running the yellow wire for the head unit all the way back directly to the battery - but I think the main issue here is that you need the Sirius tuner powered on slightly before the Alpine head unit.  You can do that with a time-delay relay - see this thread.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs