Sportster 5 Hard wire install

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Sportster 5 Hard wire install

  • Guys,

     I tried to install my sportster 5 radio and hard wire it to the remote wire to my stereo, after testing the wires i am getting the correct wire and voltage from teh brown/white remote wire on the harness, however when i connect the wires i dont get any power, i also tried to connec tto the orage wire and still no power but as soon as i rehook up the cigarette lighted adaptor to the wire i get power to the sirius.


    any suggestions?

  • Page 9 of the owner's manual:

    Cigarette Lighter Adapter
    The Vehicle Dock cannot be powered directly from a vehicle's 12VDCpower must be
    powered from the vehicle's cigarette lighter or similar power port using the included Cigarette
    Lighter Adapter or an equivalent DC power adapter (see your local electronics dealer).
    Connecting the Vehicle Dock directly to the vehicle's 12VDC power system may result
    in damage to the Vehicle Dock or SIRIUS radio, or both.

    Now if you read on further, what the unit needs is 5V power, and the cigarette lighter adapter supplies 12V, so what you have is a 12V-to-5V transformer in the cigarette lighter plug - you can either hard wire in a 5V transformer to your HU remote wire, or you can figure out where the wires input into the cigarette lighter adapter and connect it to the remote lead on the radio and use the transformer that way (or you can buy a 12V cigarette lighter plug and hard wire it behind the dash).

    I don't know the tip-ring polarity though so make sure you don't cross these up whatever connection method you go with. 

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  • Exactly how are you hooking everything up? Are you using the cigarette power adapter, or just wire and a plug? As a general rule of thumb, you should never use the remote wire to power anything, as it has a limited current capability. Use the switched accessory or a relay. If you are looking for a hardwire solution for a stock deck, check out this installation kit. It has everything you need for a quality hardwire: vehicle mount, wired FM modulator, and 12V-5V DC transformer with power plugs for all the Sirius PnP radios.

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  • You can cut the cigarette lighter plug off and take the transformer out and wire it in-line with the power cord and then put the plug back together around it, like this:


    Just make sure to wire a 2A fuse in-line as well since you removed the one built into the cigarette lighter plug.

  • I am having a similar problem with a radio that i installed in a 2007 Honda Accord. I tried doing what you did above with no luck. We did end up having to install a second cigarette plug adapter, because of the 5v to 12v conversion from the plug. It was easier for us to do this than to take it apart. Now we are having problems with the radio coming on and turning off when the car is started. We made sure to hook the radio's new plug up using the same plug as the car's cigarette lighter uses ( It supplies power only when the car is running or in accessory mode) I saw this problem last week and it somehow was able to fix itself. However we turned the radio off to receive better reception on local radio channels and now we cannot get the radio to turn off and on with the car. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Is there a hard reset or something that the radio needs?


    Thanks for any help



  • You could try the reset, and I think there is a button for it.

    What exactly was happening before and is not happening now.

    From what you posted, I think the radio used to come on and off with the car and now it comes on and then shuts off - is that correct?

    The first thing I would do is unplug the radio and use a DMM to verify you have 12V at the lighter plug when the car is running.  If not, check your fuses and wiring.

    Hope This Helps!!!

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  • i got it figured out. I turned the car key to the accessory position, and turned the sat radio on. After that, it would turn on and off with the car. Thanks for the help though