HD Radio to get a power boost?

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HD Radio to get a power boost?

  • Pretty interesting article from Twice about how the FCC could make a move very soon to boost the power output of HD Radio. You can check out the article here:

    FCC Could Act Soon To Boost Digital FM Stations' Output

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  • Great development, and it can't happen soon enough if you ask me.

    One semi-misleading thing from the article:

    If stations boost both of their digital sideband signals to 4 percent of analog strength, the range of their digital stereo signal would exceed the range of their analog FM stereo signal, Starling said. Currently, at an output level of 1 percent of analog output, digital FM stereo signals cover only about 89 percent of the footprint of an analog FM stereo signal, Starling said.

    That figure is probably true - but keep in mind analog FM typically drops to mono and is still listenable, HD drops to analog or on sideband (HD-2) drops to silence.  I would put the range of analog mono at roughly 100 miles, analog stereo at 50, and digital FM at about 45-50.  (I read industry people putting the digital range around 10%, but I don't think that is accurate either.

    Hope This Helps!!!

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  • "Warp Factor 6, Mr. Scott"

    "To wit, how many existing installations will have sufficient headroom to implement the increase without significant retooling of transmission hardware?.. Some simply won't make it with their existing transmitters, and plant cooling capacity will also have to be bumped up along with electrical power mains service, and back-up generating plant output... Those using high level combining schemes will face similar issues, as reject loads, digital transmitters, etc., will all have to be upsized... One thing's for certain: approval of a 6dB HD digital boost will mean lots of extra hours, as managers and owners task their engineers with delivering a wee bit more digital drive without melting down already overheated corporate budgets. For many, actually making it happen is likely to be an agonizing process."


    Few stations have the headroom, or funds for any power increase. A 4x boost will make little diference in coverage, but will cause much more interference to analog FM. The FCC has not approved any power increase, yet, and there is much opposition. With many larger broadcasters facing bankruptcy, good-luck with this. I have it all documented, here:


  • Is there and antenna amplifier to boost the HD signal that I can install inline on my car antenna.

  • As far as I know - no, there is not.

    Now, having said that - I think if a traditional antenna booster would help your car with analog FM, then it would help with HD as well.

    However, I have a decent FM antenna and tried a booster and saw zero improvement in HD reception.

    Hope This Helps!!!

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  • Looks like the signal boost was approved by the FCC: