I will start out by saying how easy the Apple TV was to setup. Following the instructions onscreen, I had the Apple TV up & running and synced with my home network in less than 5 minutes with no difficulty. Once setup, the entertainment options are endless. I have access to my entire iTunes library, and one cool feature is the Apple TV screen saver that shows the cover art from the 500+ plus albums of music I have stored on iTunes in a slow scroll across my television. I can also spend hours on Youtube watching old concerts of some of my favorite bands.

Since getting the Apple TV, I’ve also subscribed to both Netflix and Hulu Plus ($7.99/month each). From Netflix, my new favorite show is Breaking Bad and I’m into Season 2 of 5 seasons. While there isn’t as large of a selection with Netflix online streaming that you get with a DVD subscription, there is still so much programming available that I don’t feel I’m missing anything. If you aren’t familiar with HuluPlus, you should check it out here. They offer current TV programs, classic shows, kids programming, sports, movies, videos, and a whole bunch more. With your HuluPlus subscription, you can watch programming on your computer or with the Apple TV. Since getting my Apple TV, I find myself watching HuluPlus more than anything else. However, for some obscure legal reasons some programming is not available on the Apple TV device that is available on your computer.

Since getting the Apple TV, I’ve cutback my programming I pay for from DirecTV. Although I now pay for Netflix and HuluPlus, I actually save money each month compared with before. If it weren’t for the sports programming that DirecTV has (mainly the NFL), I believe I could give up DirecTV entirely and I’ve been a DirecTV subscriber going back to 1998. If you are a sports fan, Apple TV offers season pass subscriptions to the NBA, NHL, and Major League baseball that are more affordable than subscribing through DirecTV or local cable company. Since I purchased the Apple TV about 4 months ago, they’ve already added Hulu Plus and I expect they will be adding more options in the future. In addition, the Apple TV gives you access to hundreds of Internet radio stations and Podcasts.

For $100, I believe the Apple TV gives you more entertainment value than just about anything we carry. I haven’t found anything about it yet that I don’t like and I highly recommend it whether your primary entertainment interests are music, movies, or television. 5 out of 5 stars!