OKKI NOKKI Record Cleaner Review

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OKKI NOKKI Record Cleaner Review

  • Hi All,

    This review was too big to put on the product page so I was asked to put it here. Enjoy.

    I think I snagged the very first one of these that Crutchfield received. First let me say that the packaging is World Class. It ships from Okki Nokki double boxed. The first box contains thick "air pillows" that completely surround the unit and accessories and the second box is double thickness cardboard. Crutchfield then triple boxes this with their 'Eco' friendly peanuts. The Samsonite Gorilla would have to work overtime to damage this in shipment.

    Setup is very easy and I had the RCM up and running within about fifteen minutes of unboxing. Ten of those minutes were spent mixing the included cleaning solution with distilled water. The bottle makes one liter of solution.(It's a quart because, MERICA!)The lid for the record cleaning solution had not been tightened completely and a little bit of the liquid leaked into the zip lock bag it arrived in. This kept any leakage from the rest of the contents.(cool)

    The Okki Nokki RCM works very well and has a very small learning curve. The instructions warn against over tightening the record clamp but it MUST be much tighter than you would initially think to keep the record from sliding on the mat when the vacuum arm is pressed down. The vacuum is quite strong and can stop the record from spinning which in turn loosens the clamp further. A left hand thread might solve this but also confuse less mechanically inclined folks. Just tighten the clamp and then give it a little extra. You won't hurt your records as the turntable mat is very compliant.

    After cleaning about twenty records I have a process that produces extraordinary sonic results and 30+ year old records sound nearly CD quiet!(but better in every other way) I apply the fluid per the instructions and brush forward and reverse with the goat hair brush. I then switch to another highly recommended wet cleaning brush and do a further reverse then forward cleaning. This is followed by using the vacuum arm to remove the cleaning solution and then a third wet cleaning brush is used to spread clean distilled water with a few drops of alcohol in the reverse and then forward direction followed by a second vacuum application. I'd call this the rinse cycle just to make sure all the cleaning fluid has been removed.

    I keep a supply of micro fiber cloths on hand to make sure the record is completely dry. I noticed that the vacuum arm leaves a small amount of fluid in the dead wax at the center of every record so I use the cloth to dry this area. Maybe I spread the fluid a little too close to the label.

    I drained the unit after about 20 records and cleaned all my brushes with dishwashing soap and rinsed them with distilled water. The used liquid from the reservoir was just plain NASTY looking!!! This is a very good thing. I thought I took very good care of my records all these years but they were kept in a house with smokers and dogs back then. My son has me listening to vinyl again and I'm extremely thrilled to hear the quality that is still there in my old records after giving them a cleaning I have never been able to accomplish by hand in the past. Listening to Pink Floyd Animals after the Okki Nokki treatment was a near life changing experience!! If you are a serious listener and have never given your records a proper wet deep tissue massage then get one of these NOW and never look back!!

    Pros: Packaging, Price, Function, Crutchfield.

    Cons: A little dribble in the middle.

  • Thanks for the in-depth review Jeff!