• Hi I  am wanting to purchase a set of Cvr12 subwoofers rated a 800 watts but dont know which one will work best the 2 ohm or the 4 ohm speaker for the amplifier I currently have It is a Sony Xplod 1000watt 2/1 channel XM-1652Z amplifier.
  • are they dvc 2 ohm or dvc 4ohm............... that amp aint gone push the dvc 2 ohn because if wire both voice coil together it will be a 1 0hm load and that amp aint gone go that low.........so your best opt is to use the dvc 4 and wire both voice coil together your vc will 2ohm stable on both subs and run it stereo mode and the amp will recognize it  and u will be smooth sailing with problemo