2007 Honda Accord - Adding amps and subs to stock system

  • I have added 2 amps, speakers, and subs to my 2007 Honda Accord.  I kept my stock radio to power it because I like the look and functionality.  Behind the radio I did not have to splice any wires because I bought a plug that fit into my stock radio and another plug that fits into the stock wiring harness.  I connected the power, dimmer, and those types of together between the two plugs.  I ran the ground wire back to the same location as the amp ground.  I converted the speaker outputs to RCA and ran RCA to the trunk, to the amps.  From the amps I ran speaker wire back to the front to the stock wiring harness.

    This is all working great and the system sounds awesome.  I only have one issue that I am wondering if someone can help me with.

    The plugs I bought that attach to the radio and the stock harness did not include the two wires for the steering wheel controllers.  So that is my only issue with the install.  I have searched and I can't find a harness that includes those two wires and I am wondering if anyone knows where to find them?  If they don't exist, does anyone know why?

    I wanted to check here before I do the alternative, take out the patch plugs and start splicing the speaker wires from the stock harness.

  • The steering wheel control wires should be on Pins 8 and 20.

    For the harness that plugs into the radio - was this from an aftermarket supplier, or from another Honda?

    If it was aftermarket, I would think the plugs would have come with the wires, but I can guess why they didn't:

    • The factory plug is designed to allow you to hook up an aftermarket (Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, etc) deck in the stock Accord.  Most of these can't (directly) use the steering wheel controls so not much point hooking them up.
    • The radio plug is designed to allow you to connect the Honda deck to a different kind of car (Dodge, Acura, Nissan, Ford, etc.).  Most of these won't send the correct steering wheel connections so no need to include the wires.

    Essentially, you have three options:

    • You might be able to find the connector terminals that go in the harness plugs.  If so, you can run your own jumper wires between Pins 8 and 20 on each plug.
    • For the radio plug, you could go to the dealer or a junkyard and find a plug from a Honda with steering wheel controls (perhaps the one you got was from a non-steering wheel control car).  They might even just swap with you.  That will get you the wires going into the radio and then you could just splice onto these and use T-taps to the factory wiring.
    • As you said, you can just not sure the adapters and splice into the factory wiring.  Your mechanic will be grateful if you use some kind of disconnect plug if you do this, though.
    Hope This Helps!!!

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  • Hi, i would like to know how you connected the rca audio wire from your stock radio to the amplifier?
  • Most likely - he used a LOC.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs