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Anyone else's bogus meter go off with Crutchfield's recent advocacy of WAV and AIFF?

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Anyone else's bogus meter go off with Crutchfield's recent advocacy of WAV and AIFF?

  • I think this discussion of using WAV or AIFF to get uncompromised sound is so wasteful. There are lossless compression schemes out there that still allow you to reduce the space of your music by half. An open source option that runs on all major computing platforms is FLAC. Instead of advocating such waste, if you are already going way custom like that, why not at least get a clue about best practices while you're at it?

  • Thanks for your spirited feedback. We do try to encompass as many formats as possible on our site and you are correct in that WAV and AIFF are going to more prevalent. The biggest reason for this that I can see is that those formats are supported by iPod and FLAC is not. While FLAC is an excellent lossless format, by not being supported by the largest portable player in the market today, it is obviously going to get less exposure. We do carry items that support FLAC like the Sonos systems and Squeezbox systems.

    Going forward, as FLAC becomes more widely supported, we will also follow suit. We have never been in the business of supporting technologies that are not relevant in today's consumer electronic industry.

    Thanks again.

  • Then what about Apple's lossless audio codec (ALAC)? It can be played by all ipods and has the same advantages of FLAC.

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  • In fact, ALAC has been around since 2004 and works on pretty much every ipod ever released.