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Price Discussion and External Linking Policies

  • The Crutchfield Community has been developed to create a place for customers and employees to meet and discuss all things A/V related. The Community team wants to provide the most open experience possible, and at the same time provide a professional service to our customers. Towards this end, we have created some rules regarding price discussions and external linking.  We believe that these rules will ultimately benefit our customers, Crutchfield Corporation, and our business partners.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and adherence to these rules.


    ---The Crutchfield Community Team


    Price Discussion


    • Discussing the cost of a system. It is fine to discuss how much a sound system will cost, budgeting, and line-item pricing. We only ask that you do all of this using our products and prices.
    • If we do not carry a product, it is acceptable to provide information, including the price of the product carried by another company.
    • Discussing the fairness of a price for a service (e.g. is my local audio installation ship ripping me off by charging $400 to install an aftermarket head unit?)

    Not Allowed:

    • Comparing prices between companies. We do not allow price discussions that compare our product prices to that of other companies.  


    External Linking


    • Linking to "how-to" sites, articles, etc. that explain ideas, possible setups, and other A/V related discussions.
    • Linking to products that we carry. You may link to products that we carry, provided that you are linking to the manufacturer's site, our site, or an opinion piece (e.g. review, article, etc.).

    Not Allowed

    • Linking elsewhere to products that we carry. You may not link to another company's product page for a product that we carry. If you are posting a link to one of our products, please link to the item on our site.
    • When linking to a product that we do not carry, please link directly to the manufacturer's site whenever possible.


    The Crutchfield Team reserves the right to alter posts to add or remove links in accordance with these rules. If you are unsure whether a link you have is against our policies, feel free to PM (private message) a member of the Crutchfield Team. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact us so that we can keep improving the Community!

    [edited by: Jeff Kitchen at 12:56 PM (GMT -5) on Wed, Sep 1 2010]
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  • Of course.  This is not an ad for other retailers low prices.  We want Cruchfield quality and concern.  Really.

  • Pretty sure this is related to this.

    Per the board policy, I prefer not to discuss it in the other thread, but I will address it here.

    It was a judgement call in editing the thread.

    First off, the initial thread was started by jlandis - his were the only non-CF moderator comments in the thread before yours.  It occurred to me that prehaps Bru (you) and jlandis are the same and you just re-registered - this forum permits that - many don't, but nothing really indicated that.

    The comment I removed was "Ran out of 3D glasses. Prices lower elsewhere, glasses and Msts v aliens included."

    If that had been worded as "Ran out of 3D glasses. Bought set elsewhere, glasses and Msts v aliens included." I would have left it, and if it had been posted by jlandis, I would have been less agressive and probably edited it to the above.

    BTW - the official policy forbids price discussion both ways - i.e. the CF admins would prefer not to see "CF had the item for $$$ less than Company A" or "Company A has the item for $$$ less than CF."  It is preferred to be a non-discussion issue.

    Also - there aren't many other retailer's forums where you can log in and say "I bought item A from a non-CF retailer, Item B from yet another non-CF retailer, and Item C from yet another non-CF retailer, how do I hook it all up?"  And/or "I don't plan to buy from CF, but I was considering item B on this website, and was wondering how it would work with my existing gear?" and still get helpful info.  I'm proud to say this forum is one of them.

    I hope you will stick around and post again when you do want CF quality and concern - we try to provide it and that is part of the purchase price (but the forum help is free no matter where you purchased the item).

    Hope This Helps!!!


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