Just wanted to say thank you to Brank Edwards at the Harrisonburg store

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Just wanted to say thank you to Brank Edwards at the Harrisonburg store

  • I live in Tracys Landing, Maryland (approximately 20 minutes south of Annapolis) and last month on June 15 I decided to grab my son Hunter, who is 13, and make a day trip driving to the Harrisonburg, VA store.  Give or take, this is about a 4 hour drive each way.  I looked forward to the opportunity to get out of the house for a father and son guy day only kind of cruise and listen to some tunes.  I was looking forward to seeing the mountains going and coming, and looked forward to stopping a time or two for a couple meals at small friendly restaurants along the way.  I have been shopping with Crutchfield for approximately 15 years- and I also figured it would be neat to see one of the stores.


    The ultimate goal of the trip was to find a nice receiver for a 1996 Explorer which is our 2nd vehicle- a receiver that we could then build onto. I certainly could have gotten the receiver shopping online on the website (I have placed many orders online), or even called to place the order.  But again, wanted to have a day trip.  I pretty much knew before going down there that the JVC KD-A735BT was the unit that I was most likely going to get and ultimately did choose it.  Went with this unit because it had all the features (primarily that it has bluetooth included) and specs that I was looking for- and most importantly expand-ability to add amp(s) and a sub(s).    I believe that the 3 sets of pre-outs are 4.8V which is good when adding extra punch to the system.  And the receiver was less than $150 for a new unit with Crutchfield including all the install sheets, din removal tools, new face trim plate, etc, etc....  


    Well, the reason for posting the message isn't to give a review of the unit (though I might look to see if I can post one also), or to give a travel write-up for anyone looking to sight see down VA81, it was to say thank you-


    The name of the sales consultant on my receipt is "Brank Edwards" and I am sorry for having not found it out for certain during our formal introductions- and so also am hoping that I have it correct.  At any rate, the sale was a relatively small one and Brank gave assistance looking at this unit as well as other new ones (by the way, he knew his stuff about everything) and ones in the outlet area where additional units were displayed.  The store, though not overly busy, certainly had other people in there and if Crutchfield consultants work on commission, you wouldn't have known it that day working with Brank, because I didn't for even one minute feel pressurized to get the sale over with so he could move onto dealing with anyone else.  Also, my son Hunter has Downs Syndrome and shopping with him does present challenges sometimes.  Again, Brank seemed genuinely understanding and patient.  Also, once all was said and done, Brank walked out with us to the Explorer to take the wiring harness out of the wrapping and walk me through bypassing the factory amp by using the harness.  Important to note about this is that by him doing so he pointed out the correct place (under the trim in the rear hatch on the passenger side) to find the factory amp-- which was great because someone else had incorrectly told me that the amp was under the trim panel on the driver side in the rear hatch area.  


    Just today I received a couple sets of speakers (ordered online...) for the Explorer, and will get them installed once I decide whether to put the system together with 2 amps, or to get a 5 channel amp.  Once I finish posting this message I will jump over to the store to shop for stuff for the Explorer and for a Mustang Cobra that I am also putting a system into.


    I guess to make a short story long....  Brank showed exemplary customer service skills that day.

    Thanks, Harry Rowe

    P.S. -  Build a store in Maryland!!!!!

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  • Harry,  thank you for taking the time out of your day to post in our forums.  I have forwarded your compliment to Brank's direct supervisor, so that he may be recognized for his effort. 

    We are certainly glad that you were able to make the trip and that it was a pleasant experience.  I'm sure Crutchfield will be here for years to come, so feel free to re-visit us whenever you can.