my ford ranger build on low budget

  • i have a 2002 std cab ranger.not only has a terrible stereo but cd play in the double din doesnt work.ive been slowly aquiring the components for a fairly good stereo.(ive owed good car audio even had a fosgate "punch" yrs ago.u guys that have been around well heres my basic configure.headunit is a sony cdx-gt320(new),i have two 2 channel amps/200 watt each.there are older and used but i have bench tested them and both are ok.and a old relieable bazooka. now the ranger is small for space it  well take  5x7 .in the doors 1behind each seat.and  the bazooka fits right behind the center console on the here is my problem-there is enough room under dash and head unit for an amp. so im trying to keep from having to mount another amp under a seats.  if i just use 1amp say on the frt spk .then does the total wattage from the frt spks. then get sent to the rear spk out puts( highlevel) making the frt spks(via amp). be fairly close to the wattage of the rears(un amplfied)high level outputs and i can then use the subwoofer output on the rear channel of the sony cdx-gt320 to drive the trying to keep from installing amps under seats.thks dave.

    sorry i was tired that night,plus im a bad typist,i hope these corrections makes it easier to understand.dave
  • Man I sooo want to help you because I own Rangers, but I've read these run-on sentences 3 times now and I can't really make out what you are asking. Can you try using proper grammer and maybe take your time and explain what you are wanting to do ?

    I think maybe you want to power the front speakers with a 2 channel amp and the sub with another 2 channel amp and power the rear speakers with headunit-only power ? Am I close ?

    GLH Geeked

  • u got it .i guess i could just ask is when u use the low outputs on say the front channel does all of the head units amps then get used in the rear channel.

  • No. It is still like 14 watts RMS per channel output from the speaker wire.

    GLH Geeked

  • so a 2nd amp,under the seat it is,oohhh yyaa.