Mount Amp To Sub

  • I currently have an 8" sub and small amplifier. I am thinking about mounting the amplifier to the sub box, but I'm not sure if it would cause any issues. The enclosure is down firing and I would be mounting to the top. If the screws went into the enclosure would it cause a problem? Would the vibrations cause any issues to the amp?

  • Mounting amplifiers to enclosures has been done for a long time, but it's not the recommended route. Crews going into the enclosure could create an air leak and the increase vibrations the amplifier is now exposed to is not good for longevity either. then there's the whole, it's easier for a thief to take the sub and amp in one shot argument.  

    There's some good info on BCAE1 and mounting amplifiers to the enclosure is covered to some extent if you click on "23. amplifiers"

    Now one thing on your side, the amp will not be mounted vertically, but if the amplifier is fairly cheap, it still may bit the bullet fairly quickly due to excessive vibration. Higher quality subs aren't immune either, but should withstand such abuse better.