how to wire 1.6farad cap in a vehicle

  • what is the correct way to precharge my 1.6farad cap. do i install the cap first and then run the resistor parrallel inline on 12v+ side and then re-connect battery ground. or do i charge the cap before its installed running the resistor in series on the negative ground side?

  • Last time I used a CAP, it came with a charging resistor/bulb that you connect to the power (+) terminal of the CAP and the power (+) wire from the battery. You would wire the ground up for the CAP and can mount it where you want it prior to using the charging resistor/bulb.

    So, connect the ground wire, (if you choose) mount the CAP where you want it, then connect the charging resistor/bulb between the power wire and the + terminal of the CAP. The voltage should be the same as the starting battery when the bulb dims noticeably or goes out, but you can check with a DMM.