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Stop sending catalogs

  • I hate receiving catalogs in the mail. It is a waste of the earth's resources. If I want to shop I will do so through the online site. I have requested that Crutchfield STOP sending me catalogs through and the request was REFUSED. I want to stop receiving your catalogs, period. How can I make that happen?
  • Have you tried calling CrutchField with this request?  The customer service rep will be more able to help you than this forum can.  Their phone number is 1-800-955-9091.

    However, I am interested [in all seriousness about your post]:  Can you explain what resources are not renewable with a paper catalog?  Is it the ink or staples? 

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    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • First let me say that I am sorry that you ran into problems in canceling the catalog. I am currently trying to get info on what happened, and I will post back once I have that info.

    In the meantime you can contact our catalog team by phone at 1-800-955-9009 — 8am-midnight Eastern Time to cancel.  If you would prefer you can also  Private Message me with  your name, address and zip code and I will be happy to take care of this for you.

  • Did you try Crutchfield customer service, either by online means or telephone, or come straight here to post a semi-snarky comment?
  • You can always unsubscribe from the Crutchfield catalog by calling us at 1-800-955-9009 or e-mailing us at


    Right now we are evaluating CatalogChoice as a service to our customers.  On the plus side, it is very convenient.  On the down side, there are privacy concerns (I could unsubscribe you and you could unsubscribe me).  Also, a significant portion of the companies listed on the site are not actually participants.


    There is also a similar service which the bulk of the industry (including Crutchfield) already uses:  This allows you to remove your name from all catalogs at once (something CatalogChoice does not do) and also has information on telemarketing and email lists. 


    We will continue to monitor all services that could benefit our customers.  In the meantime, please contact us directly if you’d like to be removed from our mailing list.  It’s the best way to make sure that your request is processed quickly and accurately.  

  • I know nothing about CatalogChoice, but I used to work for a company that was a member of the DMA - Direct Marketers Association.  "Direct Mail" is a dirty phrase synonymous with "junk mail" for most of us, but that organization does take privacy seriously.  They'd get my vote between the two.
  • This forum post is the first that comes up with a Google Search to "remove name from Crutchfield Catalog" and so I thought I'd reply with an update: the contact center does not have those same hours.  I have never had a problem unsubscribing when calling customer service during their business hours.  The gripe I have is that despite being opted out, if I place a new order I automatically get subscribed again.  Please stop that Crutchfield!!!

  • Hi Colivia,

    I don't think that it should happen like that. I'd like to look into this a bit further. Could I get you to email me your name and mailing address so I can check into this further? I want to see what is happening on the backend here, and see if there is a way we can fix this.

    You can private message me the info here on the forums or email me directly at jeffk(at)crutchfield(dot)com