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  • Hi All,
    You may have noticed a few new numbers showing up on the community. One labeled “points” under each members post count, and one labeled “post points” at the bottom of each post. This is our first step in helping to identify strong responses and also creating rankings and levels. Here is a breakdown of how the points work:
    Post Factor - Amount each post will be worth                                                                  10
    Reply Factor - Amount each reply will be worth for the original post                                     5
    Replier Factor - Amount each unique replier will be worth to original post                             5
    Rating Factor - amount each rating will be worth for post                                                    2
    Favorite Post Factor - amount each post will receive when selected as a favorite                15
    Favorite User Factor - amount each user will receive when selected as a favorite                15
    Rater Factor - amount each rating will be worth                                                                 1
    So, as a an example:
    I make a post and receive 10pts. Don responds to this post – he gets 10 points, and I get another 10 points (reply and unique replier). He responds a second time to the same past – he gets another 10 points and I get 5 (for the reply).  Ryan rates Don's second post as 4 stars (8 points) for which he gets 1 point for the doing the rating. In addition, Ryan responds back to Dons 1st post for which Ryan gets 10 points (post) and Don gets 10 points (reply and unique replier)
    All told I get 25 points

    All told Don gets 38 points

    All told Ryan gets 11 points

    So Don gets the most points for providing an answer that also generates some additional response. However, getting into the habit of rating posts will be the best way to identify strong responses. The ratings is really where the points add up for responses. For example 10 people rating a post as 5 stars would net the original poster 100 points (plus the ten for the post and any points for additional replies). Marking it as a favorite is also a good way to give extra points to a really good post.
    As you can see the points are going to add up really quickly. However, you cannot rate your own posts and get points. In addition, Private Messages and certain forums will not count (i.e. Water Cooler). As with any numbers system there are bound to be ways that it could be manipulated. With this in mind I would like to ask that everyone adhere to the honor system, and try not to game the system. In addition, if you see a place where you feel someone is doing this you can click on the report abuse link at the bottom of the post (you can also click this anytime you see a post that violates any of our guidelines or contains incorrect info).  This info goes into a special forum for our mods and admins to take care of.  
    Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

    [edited by: Don at 12:58 PM (GMT -5) on Thu, Feb 14 2008] typo: changed starts to stars

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  • oh god the point system is confusing... ahhhh

  • Hey perdomo,

    Sorry if they are confusing. In general though it comes down to this - Be active in the community (starting threads, participating in other treads, rating posts, etc) and the points will pile up quickly. Currently the points are mostly a bragging rights thing, but who knows how they might be used in the future. 

  • are they good for discounts on products or anything?

  • Sadly - no ...

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  • TigerHeli if they were good for discounts at your current amount I think you could buy all of Crutchfield lol

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  • LOL - how many car head units does one man need? - they aren't like women's shoes, well men don't need those, ummmn, I think I'll quit here .... .....

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  • this number system im sure it can be confusing at times