New to my Onkyo 806 / whats PCM ?

  • Thanks to all postings , my decision to go with Onkyo was a GREAT one !

    I have a 7.1 surround set up ... and was wondering what PCM stood for ? During playback with cd's on my Yamaha cdc 697 ( another great product ) the indicator on the onkyo 806 only displays l and r speakers , although all speakers are giving playback.

    any feedback would be appreciated




  • PCM, or more accurately LPCM, stands for Linear Pulse Code Modulation.  It is the digital stream of an analog audio signal.  If you're listening to a CD connected by any digital method (optical, coax, or HDMI) it is going to use PCM.

    I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the display on my 606, but I'm guessing that it's only displaying L and R speakers because you're listening to a stereo source.  If all your speakers are playing then you've probably chosen a mode such as All Channel Stereo or PLIIx Music.