airport express

  • I have an Airport Express and want to play ITUNES wirelessly from my laptop. I need to buy " Analog and optical digital audio stereo mini jack" to do that. Went to Best Buy they do not know what it is. Please help.
  • What are you connecting the Airport Express to (stereo or powered speakers?) (If stereo, does it have optical digital input or just RCA inputs).

    This (discontinued) would do what you want, but it sounds like you might only need one of the cables, not all three.

    I had to look up Airport Express, so I'm only 80% sure of my advice here.

    Page 19 has better pictures.

    This should give you a better idea:

    Analog - there are better ones.

    Powered speakers

    Digital (not positive on this, but it should give you an idea what to look for)

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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