Amp and speaker boom BOOOMM

  • Boom there, Im not the first or the last, that has joined a new forum and asked the same Q"s more than once>>.  Hopefully< the answers to my Q's will max my levels.   I started  just wanting good sounds while driving to work< next level, good hard sounds...(got tired of just neg hearing the bass>>>   to make a long song short,, I have went through 3 ea. amps,  and 2ea sets of speakers.....Just wanted to $ about 300.00, But Here I am today...   BOOM. 

    My EQ

    94 cheve van

    Hifonics Brutus BXi1606D mono amp

    4ohms@550 x1

    2@1100 x1

    1@1600 x1

    upgrade wiring from 8 to 4 gage wire (melted fuses preventions)

     2ea.  Audiobahn AW1006T 10" subs>>>>

    1800W Dual 4ohm      (900w rms/450 per coil)

    4MF cap   (still see headlights sending out SOS during thump)  nother post.

    I think I have the final setup for the over $$$bank$$$ I put in for enjoymnet fo all music.  So to get to the point...

    I sometimes smell burning, from my speakers from my 2 hold vented box>>>> specs ????   I bought it from the same place my amp and speakers..

    This only occurs when Im playing hard Boomin songs.... I believe I have the correct power to push these subs, however, due the lack of info on both amp and speakers,, I may not have it wired right.... If I am understanding all the bang correctly, having enogh pwr to push is a good thing... Being a lowvoltage person, with a good understanding of Vdc,Amps, and R...  I do not have the proper install info for the subs, and or the amp..  There is not much wrong doing to the amp (D class) except for adjustments (howto's) however, " to many connections on these dual coil subs for me.."

    So Q.    How to wire the 2 subs?  (for 4ohm config so I can run 900w rms smoke free)?  or what?  In other words what do I need to do to get the Big BOOM BOOM (with the setup I have)  before  the Big BANG>...?



    just wanta shack rattle and roll,  or blow some snowflakes off the ride 

    p.s. not sure how to get back here for your appreciated help and answers, and I hope that Im not doing anything wrong in givin my edress....

    just subject me (here's the boom not the bang)




  • There's not much that could go wrong with your setup.

    If Audiobahn is honest about the 900W RMS per sub, you should have them at 1-ohm and sending 800W RMS to each one:

    If they are smoking with that setup - make sure the gain is set properly and you aren't clipping them.

    You could wire them at 4-ohms but they will only get 275W each, and unless Audiobahn was REALLY exaggerating on the specs, they won't sound good:


    If you are still having dimming with the 4-Farad cap, the first thing to do is upgrade the big 3, but you might need a high-output alternator anyway after that (the alternator requires the Big 3 anyway, so you aren't losing anything trying it).

    Hope This Helps!!!


    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • Thanks for the come back,  after I posted I been resurching for info on this... I have found you can not get 2ohms from 2 speakers rated at 4ohms, unless you put a resister in line (I think series)  I not sure if that would be a good thing...   As of right now.. I do have it wired @ 1ohm, I never had a problem with distortion or clipping, just the smoking,,, now it not a full blown class 3 or 4 fire alarm.. just the smell of some overheating.. I will say while changing the speaker over to the 1ohm load, I found the wires I had connected were loose and terminal lugs layin iin the bottom of the box.. I lock tite them down now so hopefully I will not have that happen again..+

    So after I made all these adjustments. I still have a little aroma in the air. 

    the amp is cool

    wiring gets a little temp, nothing to wory about. just the speakers... I didnt provide the other info in by begining post.. I have a second amp and 2 other speakers online.. but this is wired seperatly and after the major amp and speakers.

    But can this smell be the burning in process.. I heard something online about it...

    all I can say, Is (I HAVE TRIED TO PUSH THESE AB speakers TO THE MAX  AND BEOND)

     and they seem to handle it very well. just the smell. should I put a fan in there to help? or do I need to  get more AB speakers and wire them? for 2ohm load..... or should I just get 12s...


    thanks again for your responce

    Boom Boom not out yet.... 

  • Wiring gets a little temp has me nervous, let's talk about that ....

    The Hifonics will draw 145A at clipping.  You need 2-AWG wire at the battery and for the ground for it, and a 150A fuse (but use a smaller fuse than this if you don't have 2-AWG wire, rather burn out the fuse than the wire).  That is just for the Hifonics, it needs to be thicker for your main amp combined.

    For the speaker wire - if you have a single wire out of the amp, you need 8-AWG wire, if you have separate leads to each sub, you still need 12-AWG.

    I suspect the wiring might be your problem.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs