Running Series and Parallel

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Running Series and Parallel

  • Thank you for taking the time to read this.  As a noob I'm sure I made a first time buyer's mistake.  I purchased 2 Kicker CompVR 10" 4 ohms DVC.  I also got a deal on a cheap 1000w x1 500w x2, 2/4 ohm bridgable amp (I know, you get what you pay for)  So I wired each sub @ 8 ohms then bridged together at the amp at 4 ohms.  I now know you get more power at 2 ohms than 4.

    Is there anyway to get more power out of this?  Should I be running each sub @ 2 ohms into it's own channel at the amp?  Because if I run the whole set up as parallel, then I'd be running at 1 ohm, right.  Which I know that the cheap amp cannot take.  

    Another thing, DVC is new to me, the sub is 4 ohm.  But the instructions give me the choice of Series or Parallel.  2 ohms one way and 8 the other.  So is there now way to run one sub at 4 ohms?  Am I stcuk w/ this?

     Thank you.

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  • Actually, you did pretty well - I've seen some horror stories where people bought say one DVC-2-ohm sub and a mono amp that was the correct power at 2-ohms and had to run it at 4-ohms.

    Your subs are 800W RMS combined, IMS.  The 2-channel amp cannot be bridged below 4-ohms, and the pair of subs can be either 4-ohms or 1-ohm.  The 1000Wx1 bridged at 4-ohms should be about perfect for the subs, but I suspect that is not RMS.

    What is the amp model?

    There is probably no way to get more power out of it.  Most two channel amps are something like 1000Wx1@4-ohms bridged, 500Wx2@2-ohms, 300Wx2@4-ohms.  You can run them stereo at two ohms, but you don't get more power and they don't hit at the same time.  You are better off like you are.

    You are correct - there is no way to run a single DVC-4-ohm sub at 4-ohms.

    It looks like the amp is the weak link and you will probably eventually want to upgrade that.  Something like the Profile AP2000 (960W RMS bridged at 4-ohms) of the Hifonics TXI-7510 (750Wx1@1-ohm) or similar would be good.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • LOL well that's good to know.  like I said, it's a generic amp Street Performer 1000w and that's peak.  I'm sure the amp is over rated.  Don't get me wrong, the subs sound great.  But I'd like to be running them at their max potential.  I have a 12" pioneer champion 1200w 400rms running off an Alpine 500 rms @ 2 ohms, 300 @ 4 ohms, mono.  The kickers actually hit A LOT harder than the 12.  Come to find out there was something was w/ the 12 and pioneer is replacing it.  I haven't gotten it back yet to notice the improvement. 

    Thank you for your time, and when I get the money I will surely invest in a new amp.


    **Correction, I'm running the 12 @ 4ohms off the Alpine.**

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