Need Hook-Up Info For My Sony STR-DH700

  • I am needing some advice in regards to hooking up a new Sony A/V receiver to my Sony 52XBR6 HDTV. I currently have my Time Warner(Motorola) digital cable box running a HDMI cable out to the HDMI in of the HDTV. I also have a Panasonic DVD/VCR player hooked up to the HDTV with component cables for the video and regular red & white audio cables for the sound. I enjoy this setup for being able to play DVD's with just my HDTV speakers for TV series(The Waltons) DVD's that my daughter enjoys.

    My question is how do I integrate my new Sony A/V receiver to be able to watch and listen to regular movie DVD's and/or HDTV broadcasts in surround sound? I have all the speakers and subwoofer I need to achieve this and can match up the speaker connections to the receiver just fine; but my real challenge is what are my HDMI hookups going to be. I'm not wanting to use the surround sound all the time, such as, when I'm watching news broadcasts and/or sitcoms, but only for movie and music DVD's.

    Do I just run a HDMI cable out from the HDTV to one of the HDMI inputs on the receiver? And then do I also run a digital optical out from my DVD/VCR player into one of the digital optical inputs on my receiver? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello,


    It sounds like you have it just about right.

    You really just need to run an HDMI from the cable box to the receiver and your optical or digital coax from the DVD player to the receiver. For when you want sound only from your TV, run another HDMI from the receiver to the TV (if it supports HDMI output on the receiver), or otherwise just standard red/white audio cables. Your TV might even have optical inputs as well (so just run an optical out from the receiver to the TV). When you don't want surround sound on the cable channel you're watching, just turn the volume down on the receiver.

    This site may be helpful to you. There's an article for how to hook up surround sound and how to hook up a receiver.