Multiroom speaker hookups. Yamaha rx-v663

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Multiroom speaker hookups. Yamaha rx-v663

  • I am simply trying to figure out how to hook up two additional sets of speakers (R & L in the living room and L & R upstairs) using the "Zone B" feature on the Yamaha RX -V663. The speakers are already in place and each set has its own volume control.

    I do not need the ability to control the receiver from different rooms. All I am simply trying to accomplish is for my wife, while listening to CD or Tuner, to be able to push "Speaker AB" and hear her music in the main room (5.1 set up) and in the other two rooms in stereo.

    I used to be able to do this very easily with my old Kenwood VR-407. I simply hooked up my B speakers via speaker wire to a passive speaker control box (with safety control switched to "On" to protect the receiver) and then split those out to my in-wall speaker inputs behind my receiver. Yes, the volume was a bit lower in the living room and upstairs, but it worked well and was extremely simple to use.

    Now that I've purchased the Yamaha it seems much more difficult. I tried the same set up as with my Kenwood, but I only get sound out of one speaker in each room. My "EXTRA SP" is set to "ZONE B".

    I'm willing to buy an amp if I need to, to run the extra speakers; I'm just not exactly sure how the set up would work. The owner's manual talks about needing "infrared receivers in the second room" etc...and I really don't need anything that sophisticated.

    Any help, in laymen terms, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • I would begin by setting the “Extra SP” setting to “Zone 2” Instead of “Zone B”. With this setting, you will be able to select the source and volume of these outputs independently of the main theater zone. This way, you can listen to the same, or different source as the main zone at the same time.

    On the front of the receiver, you should find controls for Zone 2 that allow you to select the source and volume for the Zone 2 speakers. Keep in mind, only sources that are connected with analog RCA cables will be selectable in Zone 2. Because the sources you’ve mentioned are both analog (CD connected with RCAs & built-in FM tuner) this should not be a problem for you.

    The real benefit of this configuration is that you will have dedicated channels of amplification for the secondary zones. In you’re A+B example with the Kenwood receiver, the wattage had to be shared between the main zone speakers and the “B Zone” speakers resulting in less wattage and volume from each connected pair. You will also be able to enjoy two different sources at the same time. Example: You can enjoy a 5.1 surround sound movie in the main zone while the Mrs. enjoys the FM tuner in one of the secondary zones at the same time.

    If you don’t mind selecting the sources and controlling them (play, pause, previous/next track, etc) in the main room, you will not need to add the infrared repeaters in the secondary zones.

    I hope that helps.




  • I'm obviously not an audiophile, but am confused by needing another box, passive speaker control box, or RCA connected equipment with this receiver.  I have a similar need to create a second room, actually my patio, and have these questions:

    1) If you connect extra speakers (outdoor wire) to my Extra SP connections, can't I assign them to Zone B and listen to music on the patio while leaving zone A off?

    2) Can subwoofer 2 connection be assigned to Zone B?

    [edited by: Fishpredator07 at 10:26 AM (GMT -5) on Tue, Jun 02 2009] Source would be digital, primarily movie sound, or satellite radio via direct tv. [edited by: Fishpredator07 at 10:25 AM (GMT -5) on Tue, Jun 02 2009]
  • Notes:  source would be digital, primarily satellite radio via direct tv or iPod dock for 663.

  • Where are my manners?  Thanks for advice and education.....
  • Wow!  A simple Google search and your answer pops up to address the very issue I'd been wrestling.  Simple, but effective.  Thank You!