Best aftermarket AM radio.

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Best aftermarket AM radio.

  • I am an AM radio junkie so I need the best AM reception I can get.I recently tried a cheaper model of a Pioneer radio and it would hardly pick up the stations in my home town. I put my OEM radio back in and AM was fine. I am looking to spend under 200.00 on a car reciever that has front usb and auxilary input. I just need a head unit that will pull in AM stations as good as my OEM radio does.


  • That's not a huge budget for front AUX and USB.

    Not saying there aren't models out there, but they won't be high-end model.

    Generally, Pioneer has the best tuners overall, but I don't think most aftermarket units focus on AM (and I think the car manufacturers may play games with the frequency response so you don't hear the static that is picked up).

    The sad news is generally the best you can do is AM that is "as good as" OEM.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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