Special Announcement: Community upgrade coming soon

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Special Announcement: Community upgrade coming soon

  • We're excited to announce an upgrade to the Crutchfield Community coming (barring any showstoppers) next week. Here's a sneak preview:

    New Look & Feel of the Crutchfield Community June 2009

    There's a new look and feel coming to the Crutchfield Community. We're upgrading our software which adds some new and interesting features and we've changed the look and feel a little. Some of the most interesting changes are listed below. One we're really excited about is the social aspect of the new community. We'll also be releasing new features over the coming months to help improve your social community experience.

    Important changes to note:

    • Top navigation bar
      • New cleaner look without the tab structure
      • Forum & blogs navigation bar sub menus
        • Clicking on either Forums or Blogs will show you a sub menu linking to the individual forums and blogs
    • My community
      • This is your new community landing page when you're signed in and takes you to your new private profile page view
        • This is similar to social media sites like Facebook or MySpace where you have a public view and a private view of your profile.
      • Personal and public profile
        • Private messaging is now found here.
          • The name has changed to "Conversations" and the look is different, but the functionality is essentially the same. There's still a link up on the top right of the page with an unread count.
        • Friends
          • Like other social media sites, you can add friends. And like those other sites, you can view your friends' online activity from your own private profile view.
        • You can set up shared RSS feeds, like your Twitter account or your favorite blog or other RSS service, on your public profile
        • Comments
          • You may leave comments at the bottom of each others' profiles pages
        • My Activity
          • Is a stream of your Crutchfield community activity posted on your public profile view
            • You may edit this for the types of activity's you'd like posted
        • Announcements          
          • A personally editable field on your public profile view. Post you're vacation days or likely return date and time, for example.
        • Avatars
          • You may now choose from a list of preselected avatars.


    Private profile view:


    Public Profile view #1:


    Public Profile view #2:


    Public Profile view #3:



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    Community Manager

  • I like the announcements field for online times.

    The rest I'll have to see when it goes live.

    [edited by: Don at 10:26 AM (GMT -5) on Thu, Jun 04 2009]

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  • The upgrade is currently scheduled for Tuesday morning. The community will go offline at roughly 6AM so we can upgrade the servers. If all goes well we should be back online with the new version of the software around 10AM.

    If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

    [edited by: Jeff Kitchen at 10:36 AM (GMT -5) on Thu, Jun 04 2009]

  • Transparent to the user?

    Reminds me of one of my favorite Dilbert's:

    Dogbert:  Okay, at midnight we shut down the old computer system and fire up the new computer system!

    Dilbert:  Are we sure we want to shut down the old system before the new one is operational? - what if the new system doesn't work properly?  Won't there be chaos?

    Dogbert:  Let me check into that ...

    Dogbert:  Nope, according to my contract I get paid the same either way.

    Dilbert:  Yeah, me too!!!

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  • I guess that depends on your definition of transparent ... Things will look different, and there will be new functionality. However, your profile, account, posts and all of that will still remain the same.

    We've done a pretty good amount of testing with this software. We'll have a thread set-up for questions and such about the new software, and of course I can always be reached by DM or e-mail. I know there will be some adjustment period to the new look and feel, but I hope that you will all hang in there through the changes. 

    [edited by: Jeff Kitchen at 11:17 AM (GMT -5) on Thu, Jun 04 2009]

  • Not sure how best to do this, but is there going to be some sort of official announcement to the general members?

    I know if I posted a question and wanted to add some data and couldn't log in from 6:00 A.M. - I would be on the phone at 7:00 when the advisors got there, and you might want to minimize that as much as possible.

    At least a "We are currently upgrading our software and expect to be online by 10:00 A.M." message displayed for the time that it was down, rather than the "Technical difficulties" screen we sometimes see would be good!

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  • Working with our Creative team now to get a temporary page in place for the time of the upgrade.