New: Groups

  • This is a first stage release of a feature our new community has to offer:  groups.


    Groups are considered micro communities in that they are a “small community” or subset of the larger community; a collection of special interest individuals whose discussions/questions/forums do not show up in the broader community feeds.  


    You can view the public groups by visiting the groups tab. To participate in a particular group, you will need to join that group individually. In the future we will be adding additional groups, and would be interested to get your feedback on what makes sense. Some of these future groups may be “closed” and require approval to join (or maybe even view) that group.


    We’re starting with a single group that focuses on Expert Recommendation requests to our sales department. Here, our Expert Recommenders offer up their favorite recommendations for specific customer requests. From the Expert Recommendations group home page you can use the tag cloud to find your vehicle or your favorite recommended product options and see what our Expert Recommenders have to say. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can click on the links to submit your own e-mail request. New, member-created posts are currently not allowed in this group; however, responses are,  if you‘d like to constructively weigh in.


    The purpose of our Expert Recommendations group is to make answers easier to find for current and potential customers alike. We hope that you will help us keep this area on topic by continuing to direct your questions into our regular forums rather than in these threads.


    If you have any questions about this (or anything else related to the community) please feel free to contact Jeff Kitchen or e-mail

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