The Crutchfield Community Code of Conduct

Policies, Updates and News

Policies, Updates and News
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The Crutchfield Community Code of Conduct

  • Basic Beliefs

    • Respect each of our community members
    • Help folks use and enjoy their AV gear
    • Maintain a passion for continuous improvement of the site, its process, and its content
    • Respect Crutchfield’s business partners


    Golden Rules

    • No flaming
    • No spamming
    • No profanity
    • No price discussions
    • No manufacturer trashing
      • Talking about a specific product that did not work for you is fine, but trashing an entire product line from a manufacturer is not.
    • No solicitations
      • Please don’t use our forums to sell your equipment.
    • No conveying illegal or unethical info
      • If you have a question about whether something is illegal or unethical it is best not to post it.
    • No posting of copyrighted material

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