Panasonic TH-42PZ77U Blinking Light / Power Issues

  • Since I am a victim and I have read hundreds to thousands of posts on this issue, I think the Panasonic TH-42PZ77U plasma television deserves it's own post!

    I purchased this model 11-13-07 and was very happy with the quality until the FIRST power issue.  On 9-16-08, the TV would not power on and the power light showed the (7) blinking light error.  I had it repaired within warranty at no cost (SC Board and firmware update).  On 10-31-10, came the SECOND power issue.  The TV clicked and went blank while watching it.  The power light showed the (10) blinking light (after the power button is pushed) error.

    After the first problem, I located pages and pages on the web of owners with the same problem.  I found many more victims while researching the second problem.

    I contacted Panasonic and explained the problem.  I told them that 2 power issues within 3 years was completely unacceptable for this type of product, warranty or no warranty.  I informed them I had recently purchased a Panasonic 50" plasma TV (loyal customer).  I was advidsed they might work with me if I were having the (7) blink error, but there was no technical bulletin for the (10) blink error.

    I have since found on this forum:  that Panasonic may have extended the warranty on this model 2 to 3 years past the original warranty due to know power issues and known faulty electronics.

    I have 2 questions for anyone who is the victim or has researched these problems with the Panasonic TH-42PZ7U:

    1) If you have documented evidence that Panasonic has extended the warranty on this model, would you please post it to assist myself and others with resolution?

    2) Would you please post your power issues with this model here and what resolved the issue (7 blink - SC board, 10 blink - P board, etc.) to assist myself and others in repairing the units?

    Thanks.  I will keep you posted.

  • ...........and, please stick to the subject so the VICTIMS don't have to read through pages of posts to find the information the need.  Thanks! Smile

  • I have the Panasonic Plasma model # TH-42PZ85U which I purchased in 2008. My problem with the powering down, blinking red lights scenario began 2 months ago.

    I would also be interested to see if Panasonic has issued an extended warranty. After reading through similar posts I've yet to find the solution. How to fix, cost of fixing or is it even fixable. Any input on this? This was not an inexpensive TV.


  • You might also see the 18-page (and counting) thread here.

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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  • TigerHeli

    You might also see the 18-page (and counting) thread here.

    Anyone else have suggestions?

    I agree. Nothing new here. I can understand the frustration though.