New TV setup: no existing components

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New TV setup: no existing components

  • DH and I are considering getting a new TV setup. Currently, we have a 15 year old 27" old style one, hooked up to a PlayStation 2 (I think), a DVD player, with cable and DVR. So, we're basically starting from scratch.

    DH and I do *not* watch TV although my teenager does watch it and movies with friends. We're thinking it'd be nice to be able to watch movies (probably Netflix, maybe as streaming video), although I don't think we'll ever be big TV watchers.

    The TV will go where the current one is--in the lower level rec room, which is a big room (more than 22'x26'), 8'7" ceilings, and has daylight windows. My sewing area is at the back of the room. We aren't considering any home theater seating--although a new couch is probably in our future.

    We've just start looking into this--we're total newbies, but it appears that we will need:

    --TV itself (we're considering 55"-60") 
    --wall hanging method (we have a bare wall to use) 
    --some sort of sound system 
    --at some point, perhaps a Blu Ray player 
    --at some point, a new piece of furniture for peripherals

    I'm looking for advice and opinions for us. We are not audiophiles and don't have a full surround sound system in the house. (Our stereo is older than our TV.) Even if we don't do it immediately, we will probably fish wires as possible--my husband HATES wires.

    If we could do the whole thing for $2000, that would probably be about our budget, but could be flexible on that if there was a good reason for it.

    So, what basic setup (and any brand advice) would you advise for someone in our position?


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  • You may want to consider these to start with.

    Toshiba 55SL417U

    Sanus Classic MLT15-B1

    ZVOX Z-Base 555

    There are plenty of other options as well. I'm sure some others folks will make suggestions.