Really weird

  • Hello. I have a really weird problem. I have a Panasonic TH-50PZ85U, setup includes a Directv box and an Onkyo TX-SR806. I recently discovered that the tv was in "always on" mode or whatever it's called. I am pretty sure I did not use this setting when I first set it up. Nonetheless, I went into the Menu to try and turn that off. I changed the setting under "Vierra Link setting" and "Advanced setup" and since then tv will come on but will not display the picture without turning everything back off and back on again. The tv is on, I can see the screen flicker, the HDMI box appears, and I have the audio of the channel.

    If I turn everything off and back on again, the picture usually displays just fine.  Sometimes it won't. If it doesn't display after turning it off and on, I have to change one of those menus settings, then turning it off and back on restores the picture to normal.  Everything is correct, the tv knows it's set at HDMI 1 and that that is the receiver. I unplugged the tv and the receiver (whose settings I have also checked) in case that would reset something. I even reset the tv to factory defaults and started over but to no avail.

    My remote is setup to turn on the tv first, then the receiver, then the satellite box. No matter what order I use the same thing happens.  You know there's only 2 choices under Vierra Link setting and Advanced setup, they are either on or off.  I'm begining to think the problem is elsewhere but I can't figure it out.  Any help would be appreciated.


  • A menu setting should not affect this. It sounds as if the initial "handshake" is not going correctly and cycling power is reinitiating it. I would try each component directly to the TV to see if bypassing the receiver changes anything.