samsung un40es6500 clicking/boinking sounds

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samsung un40es6500 clicking/boinking sounds

  • Does anyone have a solution to disable the extremely annoying clicking/boinking sounds that come from my new samsung un40es6500 every time I change the volume/source, etc?

  • There is a menu setting to disable the audible "chimes" when the TV is turned on/off.  You should find this by hitting menu and searching the settings.  I've not personally experienced any Samsung TV's that make a noise when you adjust the volume or source, but that's not to say you're not having those issues.  The Samsung TV's I personally own make a noise at startup and power off, which is able to be turned off.

    I hope this helps.  Does anyone else have a recommendation?

  • Mike:

    Thanks for getting back to me re my Samsung UN40ES6500 TV and its irritating clicking/boinking sounds when I go to "source" and/or adjust "volume."

    However, I could find no menu setting to disable the audible "chimes."  The Samsung site for "troubleshooting" and FAQs offered no help, either.  Evidently, Samsung probably views these irritating sounds as a positive, rather than a negative (perhaps in the same way that Microsoft embeds all those CPU sound effects, which, at my age of 80 years, I've been able to disable).

    I do remain open to any further suggestions.



  • I've answered my own question.

    goto menu

    goto system

    goto general

    goto sound feedback

    goto off


    Thanks for your interest.