smart tv advantage?

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smart tv advantage?

  • Other than watching movies, what advantage is there to having a smart tv? I have many channels to watch movies anyway.

    Also,I use my verizon wireless jetpack for my PC. Would that device provide the service needed to use a smart tv?

  • In addition to the video streaming capabilities (Netflix, YouTube, etc.), a “SmartTV” connected to your home network can access content stored on your local network. Meaning; you can access the digital photos, videos, and music files stored on computers or NAS through your home network and display/play them through the television.

    Some TVs will offer on-screen tickers for news, weather, sports scores and the like.

    Certain models will support video calling services like Skype. These models will either have a built-in camera & microphone or require them to be purchased separately.

    Finally, you can keep the TV’s firmware up to date when connected to a network. Firmware updates are issued by the TV manufacturers to address issues, enhance performance, and add services.

    While I’m not personally familiar with the Verizon Jetpack, it appears to be a mobile “hotspot” using Verizon’s data network to provide broadband access. If the Jetpack offers Wi-Fi for connectible devices, then you could certainly use it with a SmartTV that offers built-in Wi-fi. Keep in mind; streaming video content will use a decent amount of data so you may want to be careful if you have a data cap and/or charges for overages.