I purchased my Panasonic  50 inches plasma TV in June 2010 with a three year warranty.  Two weeks ago, January 6, 2013, while watching TV the power just went off in the TV and the power light started blinking 10 times.  I contacted the Panasonic Canada Inc.'s Customer Care Centre in Missisauga  Ontario and was given a claim reference number to have the repairs done.  I live in Winnipeg.  The power light has since started to blink 4 times instead of the original 10 times.  One week later I was contacted by the repair shop in Winnipeg who told me that the 4 blinks is covered by the 10 blinks and that parts were ordered and it will take 3 to 5 days to obtain.  The TV will be repaired on  monday, January 21, and God Willing it will be okay.

It appears from reading other complaints that this power problem is a common problem with the Panasonic Plasma TV's.  I think that Panasonic should do something about this, such as, doing a total recall of all such TV's and replacing them for all customers with more reliable ones and giving extended warranties for at least 5 years to all customers to mitigate against problems of this knid in the future.  I am willing to join a class action suit against Panasonic for satisfaction.