Jumping flickering Samsung HDTV screen

  • Brand new 46" F6300 HDTV. Received and set up yesterday. Fabulous! This morning turned on TV, screen is jumping and flickering. Throubleshoot instructions in manual state to turn off energy effiency programs...never turned on, I found. Flickering jumping stopped after about 10 minutes...what is this? Do I need to take dramamine every time the TV is turned on?

    Thanks for advice in advance.

  • We’ll need some more info to help troubleshoot your issue.

    Does this happen on all video sources or just one? Are you using the built-in TV tuner or an external cable/satellite box? If you pull up one of the on-screen menus, does it jump with the video or does it stay put while the video jumps behind the overlay?

  • Happened on all video sources. External cable box. Menu jumped also. However, after that incidence  so far has not reoccurred, but am concerned about it. So far so good...what could have casued this, and what should I do next time?