About 4K Ultra HDTV's

  • About these new 4K Ultra HDTV's. They claim to have four time the resolution of 1080p. How is it though that the only format on media is maximum 1080p? What then is the point of paying 5 grand for a T.V. when the maximum resolution available on media is only 1080p?

  • 4K content is currently in production now and has been for a while. The real trick is getting 4K content to consumers and you will begin to see some manufacturer-specific solutions to that end later this year.

    In the meantime, most quality 4K (Ultra HD) televisions will have high quality video up-conversion built-in to make the most of the resolutions you have available. For example; the new Sony XBR models will have their 4K X-Reality™ Pro video processing that’s also found in their professional cinema projectors in over 5,000 cinemas worldwide. Most people don’t even realize they’ve been enjoying up-converted content in their local movie theaters for quite a few years now.

    Finally, anyone who owns a digital camera can enjoy their digital photos in their native resolution. An UltraHD set can display an 8 megapixel image in its full resolution without the “down-conversion” required to view them on a 1080p display (2 megapixels).

    So, while commercially produced content is on the way, you can certainly enjoy a quality UltraHD televsion from day 1.