Educate a flat screen newby

  • I'm looking at buying my first (yes 1st) flat screen tv and am totally confused.  I don't have internet where I live and don't expect to get it anytime soon so don't need a smart tv.  I'm on satellite and hope to hook up a DVD player and, if possible, a tape player (yup, I still have one of those).  I'm on a budget and trying to keep it between $450 and $600 (max).  Preference would be 42" - 46".  Has anyone had any experience with the LG?  Any other particular models you would recommend?  

  • LG is a great quaolity manufacturer and one of the better values. In fact, they are the only manufacturer we offer that has models in the size (42") and budget you've quoted.

    Check out the 42LN5300 for your application. It offers the full 1080P resolution, LED illumination, and both HDMI & analog video inputs (for your older SD video sources).

    While the TV does offer a USB port, it does not have any "Smart TV" or networking capabilities.


    Anyone else have a good recommendation?