Many Inputs Needed - Best HDTV LCD Model??


    I am seeking an LCD HDTV with the most AV inputs (Red, White, Yellow) or shared via component inputs, that I can find. Can someone help me with advice as to which is brand/model out there that has the most input opportunities. Currently, I have a Sony WEGA, 42" which has a varied selection of inputs in the back, but I am having trouble finding a LCD HDTV with that sort of variety. I already have a RGB switch box, and still have 2 RWY, 1 Audio and 1 Component connected to the TV as well. So without purchasing a large converter box for the different input types, are there still any models on the market that have such a variety of inputs? Looking to run 2 DVD units, XBOX, PS2, PS3 (yes I know I can use the HDMI cable but I'd rather not if I can just swap in new flat-panel TV) and 1 AV for my surround. What models out there have the most choices for such a setup, to make it easier?? And, if not, then what is the most cost effective converter/switch box (to go non-HD for the current devices) and still be able to add more gear, along with a LCD HDTV with it's own speakers?

    I recently found a Toshiba 46RV525U (from 2009) which had close to the number of inputs I could deal with, without TOO much headaches, and still use, for example my DVD players with my surround, but watch normal cable with the TV's speakers.

    Can anyone help me with some model suggestions for such a setup? Seems that the newer models are even starting to lose having multiple HDMI inputs. I need an HDTV that has the most AV inputs to support non-HD devices such as multiple PS2 units running the RWY cables as well as component. Any model suggestions, and/or converter box suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




  • Most HDTVs these days will offer one or two analog video inputs. Often times, they will have a selectable component/composite video input but rarely more than one.

    If you have a home theater system, you may want to consider a new receiver that offers analog inputs and analog to HDMI conversion. This would provide some, if not all, of the connections you need while using a single input on the television.

    Aside from that, you may need multiple composite and/or component video switchers to connect your analog video cables to the one or two analog inputs on a flat panel television.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • Hey Ryan, thanks for the response. I guess a better way to put it, would be, without adding a switch box, etc., I would like to find a model on the market at current, that offers the most AV and analog inputs for these older devices such as the LCD Toshiba 46RV525U model that I stumbled upon. Are there *any* newer model HD LCD TV units out there that have more than 2 component or 2 AV inputs on the back panel? I can downgrade the devices, of course, and expect to, but if I could avoid a switch to do so, allowing me to plug directly into the panel instead of a switch, that's the course I'd like to follow.

    On the other hand, if I am against the wall in finding such a unit, what is the best switch, with the most input options, available on the market...with of course, some consideration of budget. I know I can drop a few grand on a large switch, even rack-mounted type, but really don't need to over-do it if I end up going the switch route for all of these devices. So I guess, the question is, what's the best model, with the most options, for say under 500 bucks.

    Any additional advice is always appreciated.