In the market for a new TV and unsure of what to get.

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In the market for a new TV and unsure of what to get.

  • Alright, when it comes to TV's, I know very little, so here I am asking for assistance.

    Right now, I have around a $600 budget. Might be able to go slightly higher, but only slightly.

    I currently have an old 32" Vizio, so pretty much any TV on the current market should be a night and day improvement.

    I primarily watch Netflix and other media streaming. Our cable comes in through fiber optics and connect to a set top box that then connects to the TV via RF or HDMI. I have a PS3, but may buy newer unit come tax season. I also have a HDD DVR that connects via HDMI or RF as well. Lastly, I have a Pioneer surround sound that accepts optical inputs from two devices and one via composite.

    The TV is going down stairs in my "living room"" area and I have florescent lighting down there.

    So, what to get?

    On my own, I have pretty much come down to settling on a Samsung UN40F6300, but don't kow if there is a "better" unit for similar cost.

    40" is larger than I currently have, but even larger may not be such a bad thing.

    I have a total of (3) devices that connect via HDMI, and may be buying a PS4 or XBOX One, so (4) HDMI inputs sounds like a potential must. 

    Given I have a surround sound, the TV's speakers don't much matter, but the unit will need to have an optical out, which it (like most) does. 

    I like that the unit has Apps, so I don't have to use my PS3 for streaming media, less wear on it I guess. 

    The unit has 120Hz (CMR 240) refresh rate, so motion lag should be noticeably reduced compared to my Vizio (one of the main issues I have against the Vizio)

    From reading, the unit supports using an Android tablet as the remote control. I have an Android tablet, so it may be possible to use it as the remote, which the remote seems to be one of the complaints for the TV.

    Anyways, before I ramble on more, what have the members on here have to say?

    Edit 11/30 4:46PM

    Well, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Samsung I was planning to get, as I haven't gotten any reason not to. Thanks anyways.

  • Good. You had already made the best decision; it was just a matter of getting the product.


    I think you will be very happy with your selection.

    Sorry for the delayed response. Please let us know how it works out for you.


  • Thanks for the... belated response. Yeah, I believe I'll be happy with it. It's scheduled to be here by Friday, so we'll see how it turns out soon.

    I was considering a couple LG and even a Samsung Plasma TV,  the Plasma being the largest at 51" I believe. Others either didn't appeal to me immediately or were more than I really wanted to pay.