Order a tv and it arrived damaged.

  • Long story short I ordered a samsung 40in smart tv for my sister as a present. Always ordered my car audio stuff here and loved it. Her tv arrived a few days ago with a cracked screen all across the tv. She called CF and instead of having her ship it back for a new one. They told her to contact Samsung and it would be up to them whether they could fix it or give her a new one. Really upset because she was really excited about getting it know she has to deal with this. We live on opposite sides of the U.S or I would handle it myself. Anyone else experience this situation?

  • Sorry to hear of the situation you're facing.

    I am ASSuMEing Crutchfield opted to have her deal with Samsung for one of two reasons. One, she was not the original purchaser, you were, so they may have refused to deal with her on the matter. Or, perhaps it is due to the cost of shipping that they have opted to have hear deal with Samsung.

    Whatever their reason, I sure hope she is able to get it resolved fairly quick.

  • Thanks to crutchfield and their understanding we are being shipped a new tv. Thanks again.

  • That's awesome.