Panasonic problems

  • Two years ago this month, I purchased a Panasonic P55GT50 TV, list price of $1,999.99, discounted to $1,599.99. Earlier this month it quit, showing the dreaded 7 blinks on the power light. Call to Crutchfield: no help, as I hadn't purchased an extended warranty, and the suggestion that I "go online to figure  out what the 7 blinks mean." Next, a call to Panasonic: no help, no suggestions other than to find a reputable repairman. Did so. He diagnosed a faulty SC board, contacted Panasonic (who didn't have any replacements, didn't know when they would) and an aftermarket provider with the same story. So, I figure I've paid $800 a year for a TV which is useless on its 24th month. Beware Panasonic…and I'm not all that impressed with Crutchfield, either.

  • Sorry to hear your luck with the Panasonic. I;m a little shocked with the lack of assistance from Panasonic, but with Crutchfield, I have to say, you did have the unit for a couple years. Now if there would have been an issue within the first few months, they may have been willing to bend over backwards for you.

    I honestly hope you have better luck with your next TV.

  • Our P50GT30 will be two years old on Feb 3rd.  January 21st we got the dreaded 7 blink error.  We bought at Best Buy and purchased the extended Warranty through Best Buy/Geek Squad.  Good right... not so good.  They passed us on to a Panasonic Authorized Dealer about 60 miles away.  Long story short, part needed is on back order with Panasonic for 2 -3 weeks, another week to ship product.  Was told by Geek Squad initially that if there was a delay they would replace TV.. now they say they don't replace TV's anymore based on back order parts.  We are still making payments on this Plasma TV, paying for cable TV and no TV.  Superbowl is on Sunday.  Annual Party had to be canceled..   I attempted to stay on top of the situation in hopes of getting it repaired, but to no avail.    Panasonic no help.  Say it is rare to have this problems.. but it is all over the internet that people have had these problems.  Perhaps Panasonic and their authorized dealers ought to stock parts need to fix less than two year old TVs.  Not a happy camper with Panasonic, Best Buy/Geek Squad.  

    Being without a TV covered by an extended warranty for 5 weeks minimum is ridiculous.