Samsung 75" LED vs. Panasonic 65" plasma

  • I thought my Panasonic was getting too dim and got a Samsung series 8 LED. I really didn't want an LED and thought the picture looked like animated at first.  I wired the Panasonic as well and ran them concurrently next to each other, for a week now.  I started playing with the picture on the menus.  I started adjusting the worse picture, and got the Panasonic as bright as the Samsung after a while.  Then I usually thought the Panasonic had the better picture even though slightly smaller.  Finally, I got the pictures adjusted to equivalence, when I noticed during a scene when the outdoor background got panned right to left long enough to look at both screens and judge the refresh rate; and I was very surprised.  The Samsung was smoother, in fact perfectly so.  Now I'm completely out of complaints.  The Samsung falls behind in no area what so ever, and bigger is better.  LED is the winner but before you abandon your present screen, try adjusting the parameters in whatever menus are available.

  • Great review. Thanks for sharing your experience & recommendations.