HD TV decision

  • Which TV is the better buy the Samsung PN64F8500 or the UN65HU8550 ? The is only about a $ 400 difference.

  • Wish I could be of more help, but I'm a bit more knowledgeable on car audio.

    Anyways, 4K TV's are still fairly new, so I doubt there's much of anything that's a 4K source.

    Plasma last I knew still had the edge in picture quality, but they can still be susceptible to burn-in and glare can be a big issue in bright rooms. Panasonic I believe got theirs to a point where burn-in was no longer an issue, but I'm not sure Samsung has. Our LG Plasma seems to be affected by it though. I had thought (wished) technology had reached a point where burn-in was no longer a threat, but with our cable service, we have many channels that show in letter-box or wide-screen, in which there are those nice black bars. Come to find that now when we watch anything without them, you can see a slight difference is the brightness of where the screen was cut off by the black bars. I can only assume this will get worse as the TV isn't even a year old, which sucks. I'd look into checking on how well Samsung's Plasma TV's resist burn-in.

    Now this is more personal preference, but i don't much like the remote that comes with the plasma, I prefer the older standard remotes with the overwhelming amount of buttons with direct controls. This is one thing I have disliked with many newer car stereos, they clean up the stereo by putting every thing in a HORRIBLE menu system that you have to spend 2 minutes digging through to pause playback. The whole gesture/voice control may well work out quite well, but I'm a little old fashion. The 4K has a second remote that allows for voice command and some sort of touch pad as well, similar to the Plasma's remote. Guess the Plasma has a built-in camera for Sykpe and and gesture control, which you'd need to add a camera to the 4K to gain such features.

    Me, I'd probably opt for the 4K and just hope the blacks are deep and rich enough for me. Though I always seem to hear that it's next to impossible to get as natural of a picture that plasma tv"s offer. We have one Plasma, two LCD, and one LED TV in our house (all of which probably add up to the total cost of the TV's you're looking at. (LOL) Of the bunch, the Plasma does have the nicest picture, but it's very reflective and I've noticed the burn-in issue more recently. Second in the LED, which it's blacks just aren't as deep and rich as the Plasma, but other than that, it's picture is pretty decent. The LCD's we have are fairly old and suffer greatly from motion lag.

    Again, probably not all that much help, but that's my 2 cents.