Which TV's are OTA-friendly?

  • Which new TV's (if any) are still OTA-friendly? What I mean is: 1. There is a usable signal strength meter for finding best antenna position, and 2.) A new search after rotating the antenna does NOT automatically wipe out any/all prior channels detected. User must be able to "reset all" or erase specific channel settings - doing a full new search each time you rotate the antenna is a major pain. Since nearly everyone seems to now be using an external tuner (cable or satellite), no one seems to know or care about this anymore. Very important for a TV used in a motor home or travel trailer. The last set I had that did this really well was a Sony projection ATSC unit (way too big for my trailer).

  • Just about any current model HDTV will perform as you’ve described: Auto-program only with each new auto-program erasing previously found channels and starting over.

    The Channel Master CM-7001 external ATSC tuner does offer both Auto and Manual channel programming with the manual option simply adding a selected channel to the previously found channels. It does not offer the signal strength meter though.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?