Samsung FLAT screen suggestions...

  • I would appreciate any suggestions on a 2015 model Samsung 65" or 75" FLAT screen tv that doesn't have side viewing distortion (seating is 5' out from center of tv and from that point 8' to the right of the tv).  Our current Samsung model (which we are replacing due to a board failure) does NOT have a distortion problem.  (*Current model is under warranty, and a check has been issued by the warranty company for us to buy a replacement tv.) Because of our room configuration we CANNOT use a curved screen.  Samsung does not make a high end FLAT PANEL (that I know of) which is equivalent to their flagship CURVED model #UN65JS9500.  Do you have any suggestions as to a decent flat screen Samsung tv with minimal distortion during side viewing.  Plus, we would like the new model to have minimal refresh rate problems.

    Thank you for your input.

  • While 65" to 75" is a wide range, the "JU7100" models are the best flat panel versions we offer in either size from Samsung. The off axis viewing is exceptional and the 120Hz native refresh rate is among the fastest available in a 4K resolution display (from any manufacturer).

    I hope that helps!

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?