Sonos Playbar with Samsung 7100 75 Inch

  • Anyone have the Sonos playbar with a Samsung 7100 75 inch? The distance from tabletop to bottom of screen is 2.6 inches and the bezel is .72 inches. The Sonos is 3.35, so I think I need to prop up the unit a few inches to get the Sonos soundbar in front and not block the picture?

    Anyone have a Sammy 7100 75 and a Sonos? Does it block the screen?

  • I haven't personally seen a Playbar mounted in front of the 75" Samsung JU7100 TV before, but I verified the specs you listed and they are correct. With that in mind, you should have roughly 3.32" of height available (including the bezel) and the Sonos Playbar would only cover about 0.03" of actual screen. I wouldn't think that's enough to cause much of an issue but if you'd prefer the soundbar to not cover any screen, then you may want to consider adding a base or "prop" as you mentioned.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?