shipping problems @ crutchfield

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shipping problems @ crutchfield

  • Last Monday, I ordered a 37" Toshiba LCD from Crutchfield, (had a $500 gift cert) I had never dealt with Crutchfield before but was impressed by all the reviews about their so-called customer service. My tv arrived on Wednesday with a huge crack in the LCD screen. Imagine my dismay. I called Crutchfield at 5:30 PM to explain my situation and the service rep was very pleasant and assured me that they would overnight a new Toshiba to me so that I would have it by Friday. By 7:00 PM Friday night my televsion still had not arrived. UPS did come by at 5:30 to pick up the damaged unit but did not have the replacement unit on the truck. I called Crutchfield and once again, a very pleasant rep assured me that UPS had picked up the tv on Thursday AM and it should be there. So, I called UPS and they said their records showed that the they did not receive the billing statement until 6:19 PM Thursday and that they had no scan information at any stop. Hmmm...

    After several more calls to Crutchfield, all I had accomplished was having Crutchfield promise to look into the matter on Monday and a promise to ship me a third replacement. I find it very odd that UPS would have absolutely no record of picking up the tv on Thursday and Crutchfield adamantly saying that they had indeed shipped it out and that there was ne record of a pick up scan because they had a special deal with UPS where they didn't scan the pick up at the Crutchfield warehouse. A UPS rep actually laughed at that notion.

    So, now it is Sat. and I won't have a tv until Tuesday at the earliest. The worst part is the fact that Crutchfield will not do a thing over the weekend for a mistake that they caused. I also had to tell a supervisor this morning that they could initiate a trace at UPS today instead of waiting for Monday as they had originally planned to do.

    If we did not have this G.C. i would have cancelled the order. BTW they already authorized my credit card for the remaining balance.

  • I've asked someone to respond to this, but I've also had UPS deliver items to me (item was in my hands) that their online tracking said had not left the shipping origin yet, so ...

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  • I've heard the same refrain from several Crutchfield reps but the fact remains that I do not have my tv yet and will not have it until Tuesday at the earliest. And this is on top of having a broken one sent in the first place. I'm curious to see who has to foot the bill on the first tv - UPS or Crutchfield? I also found it very annoying that they kept telling me to wait until midnight on Friday and by then it was too late to do anything until Monday.
  • Most tracking information is updated at Midnight by shipping / receiving companies.  That is typically why you will have to wait, because that is when the information is available. 

    I have a lot of faith that Crutchfield will be able to resolve the situation.

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  • HI kinger22,

    I'm sorry to hear about the shipping problems that you have been having. I don't know the specifics of what happened, but I do know that our CS team is on the case. They informed me that the product is being reshipped now. 

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  • Well, I just received word that CF is sending out a third tv to me via overnight Fedex. I should have it by 10:30 AM tomorrow - 8 days after I originally placed the order. My only beef with CF was not receiving the first replacement (for the damaged unit) when it was promised to me. The fact that UPS supposedly lost it is not an acceptable response. what really peeved me was the laisse faire attitude of the service reps and supervisors. Yes, they were all very nice and reassuring and it was only a $800 item but when the first tv arrives damaged and the replacement goes AWOL, I expect some sense of urgency on their part. Hopefully I'll have the new tv tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Short answer, never use UPS if you have an option to use another carrier. I've lost track of the number of late, mis-delivered, lost, damaged and outright destroyed parcels shipped via UPS (most not having come from CF).