Audio cuts off during playback of blu ray discs using HDMI connected Sony BDP-S790

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Audio cuts off during playback of blu ray discs using HDMI connected Sony BDP-S790

  • I don't know if anyone has experienced this, but every once in a while the sound cuts off for 1 or 2 seconds during playback of blu ray discs ONLY.  Doesn't happen with DVDs.  It doesn't really matter what title I throw in, but it does it it during random parts of a movie. Usually within the first 20 minutes is when the sound cuts off and it does it only ONCE.  If the movie passes the 20 minute mark, that's an indication that the rest of the movie will play fine and I will NOT get any audio drop outs after this.  Yes, I know this sounds weird, but it's true.  I have the 790 connected to a Sony STR-DA3600 receiver and paird with a Panasonic 50 inch GT30 plasma tv.  Researching other forums, some have suggested changing the HDMI Deep Color on the blu ray player to OFF instead of AUTO.  I have already changed the Deep Color setting to OFF, but  the audio drop outs still occur.  I have already swapped out the HDMI cables using cheap ones, expensive ones and everything in between.  I'm beginning to think it's the receiver because this does not happen when the blu ray player is connected directly to the tv.  Unfortunately, I love to listen to my surround sound so the receiver is always being used.  Now, there are days that i can put a movie in there and nothing will happen, the movie will play fine from beginning to end.  I know this is strange, but the audio drop out are annoying nontheless.  Is there a setting I need to change it to?  What can I do to solve this?

  • I had a similar problem with an older Sony Blu-ray player, and could never identify the exact problem. My guess is that HDMI version of your S790 is different than the receiver. Or that the HDMI output version of the receiver is different than the television. This can something cause "hand-shake" issues when using HDMI cables. When I upgraded to a newer receiver with the same HDMI version as my Blu-ray player the problem went away. I can't say for certain that is your problem, but that would be one option. If your TV and Blu-ray versions match that would explain why you don't have the same problem when directly connecting the two.

    You may also want to check and see if there is a firmware update available.

    Anyone else have a suggestion?

  • Thank you for your respone.  I too thought that maybe the HDMI version of the receiver is in conflict with the Panasonic tv and Sony blu ray player.  I've called Sony on this issue before and asked if the receiver is version 1.3 or 1.4?  Believe it or not, a Sony rep said they don't use HDMI versions anymore for their receivers ONLY.  They do list the HDMI version on their blu ray players.  My S790 and Panasonic tv are both HDMI version 1.4, however, who knows what version I have on my receiver.  Maybe that's part of the problem?  Other brands such as Onkyo and Denon put their version number on their features and specs.  This didn't make sense to me at all.  On another note, I have my cable set top box connected directly to the tv via HDMI and I have yet to get an audio drop out.  The sound coming out of the tv is enhanced and sounds great.  No problems there.  Sony did release a firmware for my receiver last year, but it has something to do with the upgrading the Rhapsody menu.  I performed this update anyway via an ethernet cable, but it never fixed the audio drop outs.  Currently, there are no firmware updates for this receiver.    

  • This isn’t a fix as much as it is a “workaround”: 

    You could connect either the digital optical (toslink) or digital coaxial output of the blu-ray player to the receiver for audio and run the HDMI output directly to your television. This would limit you to the standard Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks from the movies you play, but may offer playback without the audio dropout issue. 


    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • Perhaps I missed somethng, but have you tried connecting HDMI 1 to the TV and HDMI 2 to the receiver?  You should also go into the setup menu and set the player to send only Video to HDMI 1 and only Audio to HDMI 2.  I solved a similar problem with my Denon AVR-2809 using this configuration.