Samsung Blu-Ray - Picture goes blank/black when adjusting Volume on receiver.

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Samsung Blu-Ray - Picture goes blank/black when adjusting Volume on receiver.

  • My set-up: all components are connected to my Yamaha 473 receiver via HDMI.  I have a Samsung TV, Samsung Blu-Ray 5700, the receiver and the Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers.

    My issue:  watching a movie via the blu-ray when I utilize the receiver remote to increase or decrease the volume, the movie video will go blank or black while I am adjusting the volume, pauses and then when I am finished the video comes back on.

    How can I get this fixed?


  • If you have other devices connected to the Yamaha with HDMI (cable/sat box, gaming console, AppleTV, etc.) do you experience the same issue with these devices or only the blu-ray player?

    If you only experience the issue with the blu-ray player, you could try swapping HDMI cables from another source to see if the problem remains when the blu-ray player is connected to a different HDMI input on the Yamaha.

    Also; be sure the Yamaha’s firmware is up to date and if not, update.

    Assuming the devices and cables are good and the all your firmware is up to date, this could be problem with the HDMI-CEC (HDMI-Control) feature of your multiple devices. If all else fails, I would disable this feature on your TV and/or blu-ray player to see if this corrects the issue.  


    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • I had the same problem. Very irritating!!! Same setup: Samsung Blu-ray player and Yamaha RX-V473 receiver.

    This is what worked for me:

    In the Blu-ray player go to settings

                    Select Resolution

                         Set resolution to 1080p

                                When prompted: Allow BD Wise to set to 1080p

    I kept blaming the receiver but changing the resolution in the Blu-ray player solved the problem.  Hope this works for you. :)