Blue Ray and non-1080p TV?

  • I have an HDTV which does not supprt 1080p.  I am considering a BluRay player.  Clearly the TV will not be able to show the full BR resolution.  However:

    1) Will a standard DVD played on the BR player be shown in better resolution on the TV than a regular DVD player?

    2) Will a BR DVD played on the BR player be shown on the TV in a better resolution than the answer to #1?

    Bottom line is that I am trying to determine if I will get any benefit from the BR player without a 1080p TV.

    Thanks for your help

  • The answer to your question depends greatly on the available inputs and the display resolution of the TV you plan to use.

    If the TV offers an HDMI input (almost any HDTV these days will), it will likely accept any output resolution from the player. Even when the TV itself is not a 1080p display, it will accept the incoming resolution and “down-convert” it for displaying on the TV.

    Some “affordable” TVs may not accept a 1080p input, in which case; you can set the output resolution of the Blu-ray player to best match what the TV is capable of receiving and displaying.

    If the TV does not offer an HDMI or DVI input, you will be limited to a player that offers component video output and a maximum resolution of 480p.