Sound but no picture

  • Hi, all. I'm a new member but have poked around in here a few times before and I sure appreciate the help you provide.

    I have a problem that seems like it should be pretty straight forward, even if I'm not bright enough to handle it. I'm trying to run a Wii and a dvd player through a receiver to a plasma tv, using component connections. The devices run through each of two component INs on the receiver and the the receiver is connected from its component OUT to the tv's component IN. Seems like it should be fine but I get only sound; no video.


    • Receiver - Yamaha HTR-5830 (no hd)
    • TV - Samsung PN43E450A1F

    I have:

    • double checked the connections (red to red, etc)
    • double checked channel selection (i.e., input source) on the tv and the receiver
    • read the manuals
    • tested the cables
    • tested the devices by connecting directly to the tv (they work fine that way)
    • looked at more than one million google search results (not really, but a lot)

    I guess I'm hoping to maybe learn that I've missed some critical setting or something, and not that my receiver is bad...

    Thanks so much for your help.

  • Component video carries video only; no audio. So, if you got audio from the TV when you bypassed the receiver, you also made an audio connection (likely analog stereo audio).

    For an analog A/V connection with component video, you should have 5 RCA connections: 3 for video (Red, Green, Blue) and two for audio (Red, White).

    So, are you using audio connections in addition to the component video, or just the 3 component video RCAs?

    If you are using audio cables, are they analog (RCA) or digital (optical, or coaxial)?

    Depending on which type of audio cable you use, you may need to switch the audio input option on the Yamaha from analog to digital or vice versa (to match the type of audio connection).


    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • My bad, I read it correctly but understood it backwards. You have audio but no picture?

    Are you using the default source selection for the corresponding component video inputs? It's hard to see the back-panel view of your receiver on Yamaha's website. You may need to assign the component inputs to a specific source so the receiver knows which video to pair with which audio.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • Hey, Ryan. Thanks for your feedback!

    Here's a better pic of my receiver's backside. I've got the dvd going to DVD-A and the Wii going to DTV/CBL-B and both have composite audio. I have the receiver set up so that each is assigned to the label(s) referred to above.

    The TV has a single component IN with connections from the single component OUT on the receiver.

    So if there's a source selection problem, I don't know where it would be - I even reset the receiver to factory settings (so, yes, I'm using default source selection).

    I'm tellin' ya... dumbfounded here... I'm afraid I just have a bad receiver, but something keeps telling me I have to have missed something somewhere.

  • Sounds like you've done everything correctly. If you get picture on your TV when the components are directly connected, but not when the same cables are connected through the Yamaha, you either have a problem with the video switching in the receiver or the monitor output component cable between the receiver and your television.

    If you've confirmed that all of your cables are good, you may want to follow up with Yamaha's tech support department: 800.292.2982.